Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fanning to glory.....

Lately, I was finding myself wihout any topic to write about. And when I had a good topic to write about, I had nothing to write about, about that topic. Sounds psycho?? Well, can't help it.
I decided to look around me, pick up the 1st thing that catches my attention and start writing about it. Let's see.
Hmmm..there is one very interesting subject. The brown Fan. No can't see the brand from here. But there she stands still and proud and looking down upon us. There are two of them in my room. Yes, both are similar. Identical twins.
This is a species which is always sitting above our heads. I bet they think that they have higher status than the other types of fans like the pedestal fans, the hand held fans, or the small portable pocket fans. Cieling fans are like sitting on that high pedestal above all other types of fans.
What do they do? They rotate. And by that they manipulate Pavan Dev to human benefit. These faithful Pavan manipulators are quite man's best friends during the summers. They had a 100% share of mind and share of heart till those silent killers called ACs started taking over the human mind. But whatever substitute you build, they all has some variety of the fan in some form or the other, embedded in them.
They rotate in all their glory and gives heavenly pleasure to the protagonist who comes to its patronage drenched in his sweat and misery. The humans get ecstatic with pleasure as that soft/hard burst of wind(depending on the speed set in the regulator) carresses them with thier careful touch. Where else can you actually regulate the amount of pleasure you would want to have? Regulator zindabad.
The sun rotates, the earth rotates, the fan also rotates. The earth rotated and the humans survived. Then came global warming. Then the fan rotated and humans kept on surviving. They wait inside the closed boundary of walls, wait patiently like like an ideal housewife for the tired human to come home and take some moments to solace under your patronage. They only operate to give humans some pleasure. Otherwise they are a silent spectator of the great play called life going on all around them.
They see so much drama, chaos, all taking place right below their eyes, and yet they keep silent. They only move when the same human asks for some breath of solace and pleasure. And them it rotates, rotates with all its force, trying her level best to comfort the human below.
Keep rotating in all your glory, you enigmatic rotating, Pavan manipulator. Ms Fan we are all your fans.