Wednesday, July 7, 2010

That day when I flirted with poetry...

A Hypothitical Situation
Place: Hypothepur.
Location: Campus of a college, Room in 6th floor, 2nd bench.
Weather: cloudy, stormy wind, drizzle is on.
Situation: A class is in progress. The protagonist dozes of. His friend in the next seat pokes and wake him up. He wracks his brain for methods to keep awake. He picks up his pen and poetry flows out like water flows through a hilly cascade in full monsoon.


Bald head with
a beard on the chin,
A little more fat
and he'd be Alladin's Jin.
Have you seen Dufus
of that show "Duck Tales"?
Dufus is now talking
about how services sells.
There he is lost again,
out of the window he stares,
Then he dances, makes faces
and strangely glares.
Voila!!Raman wakes up
and asks a question,
Is it a question? A Statement?
We wonder in vain.
Sir has no clue either,
about the question or the answer,
He says something, raman nods his head,
it's all a blur.
Singapore Girl, Ramdev Baba...
I really do not care,
The class goes on like
a boring nightmare.
He checks his laptop
making last of his points,
Everything seems blurry
like after 4-5 joints.
I so want to go
and dive into my bed,
Sleep in peace with
all tension out of my head.

*Resemblence with any real life character or situation is purely coincidental.