Monday, March 1, 2010

To Do or Not tO do That iS thE prObLeM...

"All the talk about balancing work and  personal life is bullshit. If you like what you are doing then it is all your
personal life."
The thought is about doing what you really like to do in life. It's about following your passion. Trying to build value around your strengths. It is said that it is better to build on your strenths than to try to better your weaknesses.
To turn your strength your weakness is the worst thing you can do to yourself. The thought makes you think. There are many people who love what they are doing and most often than not they are the successful ones(or the successful ones are the ones with rich dads). The very fact that we are stuck doing something we do not like is testimony to the fact that we are mediocre.
Difficult to digest? Some people may say that maybe you are stuck with something that you do not like now, but later you started doing something that you really liked and you became very successful. Does it mean I am still mediocre? Of course not. If you have attained success in a field that you are passionate about then you have potential to be the best. And you are no longer mediocre. But if you get success in some field that you are not passionate about then it is more likely that that success is momentary. And it is for sure that you will never be the best in that field.
There are people who say that you need to go through the grind to be able to do what you like. I may like to farm, I may like to teach. But to farm I need a farmhouse and land which requires money to buy. To teach I have to pass exams and get degrees and build credibility.
Yes that is how it is for us, the mediocre. We have to go through the grind to follow our passion at a later point of life. But that was not the case with "Will Hunting" of Good Will Hunting:The movie. He is a genius who works as a janitor and solves assignments of MIT students for timepass. When asked how he manages to do it like that, he says that when Mozart played the piano he did not have to think of the notes and
decide which note to play after the other. He just played. It came naturally to him. Will said all this mathematics came naturally to him. He did not have to think of steps.
I guess we all should strive to find out what is that we are a natural at. What is that field that we can do without thinking and stressing our grey cells. That is only way out of mediocrity. And one of the ways to Happiness.