Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whatever happens is for good.

Jo bhi hota hain acha ke liye hota hain....

'Whatever happens is for good,'said dad.
'Really?' Said I after a little pause.
'Of course not,'said he, with a small giggle. 'These are fundas to fool your mind. All that happens to you is not and cannot be good. But just to keep you from going into permanent depression, you say such things like this. These are all mind games that you play which helps you to move on. Everything are mind games.'

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rains in Kolkata...rains in Bangalore...

Here i am in abhijit, hari, anand's place with no work. Enjoying a leisurely Saturday evening. Abhijit is getting ready to attend his friends reception. Hari went and Anand has left to repair Anand's bike (For the inquisitive, who is asking the obvious question of why Hari had to go with Anand to repair a bike; Anand and Hari are inseparable brothers, Anand does not go any where[other than his office and washroom] without Hari).

And here i am scribbling thoughts. Let me come to the topic. Before I start with the 'bakar', let me say that when Hari was leaving, I asked him for a topic, on which I can write something and this is what he told me. 'Rains in Kolkata...rains in Bangalore...'. And me being the talented guy I am i knew i can write something at least on this, somehow I'll connect this with some gyan and will make a happy ending also.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time and Commitment

Humans are such that they can solve any problem posed in front of them. The only thing that is needed is time. And to give time to something you need commitment. So it all boils down to how much committed you are to solve the problem or to see to it that the problem at hand reaches a logical conclusion.

And if you cannot commit yourself to this problem then it only means that there are other commitments which are taking precedence. As long as you can pinpoint your commitment and be committed towards it, there is no issue. But more often than not, we remain confused about our commitments.