Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time and Commitment

Humans are such that they can solve any problem posed in front of them. The only thing that is needed is time. And to give time to something you need commitment. So it all boils down to how much committed you are to solve the problem or to see to it that the problem at hand reaches a logical conclusion.

And if you cannot commit yourself to this problem then it only means that there are other commitments which are taking precedence. As long as you can pinpoint your commitment and be committed towards it, there is no issue. But more often than not, we remain confused about our commitments.

Humans can only be committed to limited number of things in life. Normal human beings cannot be committed more than a single pursuit. It is thus not a surprise that Spiderman had a miserable personal life, because his commitment was to save the world. Same happened to all the superheroes of the world(except maybe Ironman, who has a wonderful and 'peppery' personal life). It came in papers recently that according to some recent studies, it has been revealed that Einstein treated his wife very coldly. Well, what did people expect? They wanted him to discover relativity and also go shopping with his wife everyday? There is a limit to what humans can achieve and commit oneself to.

And as I had said before, it is important to know exactly what you want to be committed to. Then give time to it. And there you have a formula for guaranteed success.

(* extrapolation of thoughts whose foundation was laid while I had a discussion with 'Baba')

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