Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whatever happens is for good.

Jo bhi hota hain acha ke liye hota hain....

'Whatever happens is for good,'said dad.
'Really?' Said I after a little pause.
'Of course not,'said he, with a small giggle. 'These are fundas to fool your mind. All that happens to you is not and cannot be good. But just to keep you from going into permanent depression, you say such things like this. These are all mind games that you play which helps you to move on. Everything are mind games.'

More I thought about this little discussion I had with my dad, more I understood about a distinct truth about life. The world is a huge reservoir of material and immaterial pleasures/experiences/possessions. And nobody is satisfied in this world. Because nobody has everything. Personally I can say that it all began in early childhood when I saw the kid sitting in the seat in front of me in school, carrying that big pencil box. I wished I had it. But then I said to myself,'What's the use of a pencil box anyways? It just carries a couple of pencils, pen, sharpner, eraser. They can all come in one of the pouches of your bag. So, for rest of my school life I never carried a pencil box or felt the need of carrying one. I told myself that I am happy with my pouch. And maybe I was.

We all aimed for those coveted IIT/IIM seats at one point of time in our life. Then we kind of settled down in the colleges/institutes that came our way. We made ourselves believe that this is what was best for us. And we did good in where ever we were. After some days you get over your regrets and kind of move ahead with your life the way it is.

I came to think about photography in the same context. Once some photography pro said to me,'Photography is all about fooling the camera to capture what you see in your mind over and above what you see though your eyes.' Life is like photography. The reality maybe something totally different, but what you capture in you mind is really what you want your mind to believe. And as you get a beautiful photograph out of fooling your camera, you can get a beautiful view of life by playing some small tricks with your mind.

Life is not fair. All that you want to happen never happens. As a good friend of mine once told,'More you want to cling on to something, more it escapes from you. Somewhat like you trying to close your fist on a handful of sand.' So it is important to let go. It is important to make yourself believe that this is the best that can happen to you. And accept life the way it is. 

But does that mean that one stops aspiring for better things, better living? No, not at all. But is important to understand when to let go. It is important to understand one's limitations and that sometimes life screws you up bad. But all that can go wrong, never goes wrong. So be happy about all that did not go wrong, tell yourself,'Whatever happened was for good' and then move on with a smile.

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