Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rains in Kolkata...rains in Bangalore...

Here i am in abhijit, hari, anand's place with no work. Enjoying a leisurely Saturday evening. Abhijit is getting ready to attend his friends reception. Hari went and Anand has left to repair Anand's bike (For the inquisitive, who is asking the obvious question of why Hari had to go with Anand to repair a bike; Anand and Hari are inseparable brothers, Anand does not go any where[other than his office and washroom] without Hari).

And here i am scribbling thoughts. Let me come to the topic. Before I start with the 'bakar', let me say that when Hari was leaving, I asked him for a topic, on which I can write something and this is what he told me. 'Rains in Kolkata...rains in Bangalore...'. And me being the talented guy I am i knew i can write something at least on this, somehow I'll connect this with some gyan and will make a happy ending also.

Starting with the topic:
What is rain? Rain of course has a scientific definition of it's own, but to me rain is a beautiful form of nature. It is a touch point of human and nature. I have always loved the rain. I remember an instance when I walked home from the point the school bus dropped me, a distance of a km or so, in heavy rain, with the umbrella in my bag. Of course I had fever the next day. But I still think that that walk was worth it. In another instance, in engineering college, i went for a walk in the rain with a friend of mine, Anirban. A walk of around 2 kms.
If you remember the 'Ghanan Ghanan. song from Lagaan, then we understand what rain means to a farmer or for that matter to rural India as such. It symbolises hope, life, redemption, rejuvenation. However that same rain in extreme amounts causes widespread flood and wrecks havoc in the same land.

That brings me to the thought that is it not true for everything in life. It is said that excess of everything is bad. Excess of biriyani causes stomach upset. Excess of cold water causes throat problems, etc. etc.

Some people say they love to get wet and dance around in the rain. Some people say that they hate to get wet. And so is almost everything in life. Some like movies some dont. So it is important to understand the differences in everybody. And to respect everyone's feelings.

Poets have some special relationship with the rain. Whenever there is rain, they go to trance and poetry and rhythm pours out of their pens as a mountain river. They associate romance, lust and I dont know what else with rain. Following suit was the movie industry who created an altogether separate category sequence called the rain sequence. Whenever the hero or the heroine comes out of the house to do something dramatic, he/she always faces thunder and rain. Then there is the close up of his/her contorted wet face signifying struggle. Heroes/heroines started getting wet in the rain during moments of extreme happiness as well. Then there is this cliche scene, where the camera comes down on the face of the hero/heroine as a drop of rain falls on his/her face.

What is there to like in the rain? nothing. It is vagaries of nature like rain that we have built houses. Otherwise we could have as well lived under trees. It wets up the roads, clouds make the surroundings gloomy, but still we like the rain. Life is all about such contradictions. Some say that when you start something always go till the end. Some say if you have started something and realised it's a mistake, then why continue? Life is full of contradictions. And nobody has a correct formula to deal with this puzzle called life. So let's just go out and face life as it is. And not try to understand and analyse too much. Bring it on Life!

(Just watched the movie shanghai, which has nothing of shanghai).

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