Monday, February 13, 2012


The jetty service cutting across the Arabian Sea would save us around 70 kms of drive. The sea has cut in sharply inside the land. The jetty service was meant to ease the pain of the long travel along the water body. Cars, vans, small busses all parked inside the compact steamer as it slowly trudged its way across the sea water.

Visibility was limited to a bend and till the bend all we could only see were cars parked one after the other. We parked our car behind this long line of cars, came out and ourselves trudged along to see how many cars where there before the jetty. There were not many cars. We were the 11th car. In the morning we had crossed through another similar jetty and we knew that there would be space for 9 cars, maximum 10. We would just not make it. We found out that the steamer was due in another 10 minutes or so. While Abhijit, Mihir and Satyam waited to test their luck, I ventured on the opposite direction to quench the basic need called hunger. It was already late afternoon. Adventurous spirit and late breakfast could only feed me up to a certain limit. After that my stomach behaves in a very rebellious fashion.