Thursday, April 23, 2009

No risk no gain says the axiom. What is a risk? What is the gain you want to achieve by taking the risk? Moving out of the comfort zone to try something new, in hope of something better is a risk as he understands it now. And in that regard he was taking a risk. Someone told him, when you are leaving something good, sacrificing your comfort zone, the settled life for this thing, you must see some return out of it. If you are trudging into a tunnel, if you are taking the plunge then you should be able to see the bright light at the end of it; said he.
Well now he cannot see the bright light. But surely hope to see one when he trudges to the end of the tunnel. And that would make the walk all the more fun and interesting. The fear and suspense of the unknown is always better than the complacency of the known. These are words that he keeps telling myself. These are very romantic thoughts. Ambitious too. But whether he can survive the test, he does not know. Whether he has it in him to fight for something with passion and determination, he does not know.
There has been times when things happened automatically. A third party arranged the stage for him, did all the ground work. He held his hand, and went along his guidance and he succeeded. Something which finds its place in his CV as a major achievement in his life; it happened automatically.
There were things in which he invested the bare minimum effort required. And he got considerable success. He achieved much better result than people who have given much more effort than him. Was that acumen? Luck? Or plain and simple someone having some good time whereas someone is not? Escapes explanation.
It is said that always look in front of you. Look at the people who scored better than you and try to analyze how they scored better rather than looking at people behind you and trying to analyze how they fared worse than you.
He had looked at these people above him and had seen that these are people that have put in genuine effort and have put in of sweat to justify their success. Was he plain lucky all this time? Or was it that he had the acumen, but he lost out with regard to the effort that he had put in. That is a question worth asking.
It so happened that when this person analyzed people ahead of him, in his younger years he never found anyone ahead of him whom he considered unworthy. But later on in his life he started finding people ahead of him whom he considered as his peers or maybe even worse than him.
What took these people ahead? Plain and simple perseverance and determination had to be the answer; acumen does not increase with age. He had seen some people taking the risk. Of a different sort of course and those paying off in the long run. Will he be able to justify his risk after some years? He surely hopes so and he surely wishes to give his best. He wants to walk not only the mile he can but also that extra mile that he now thinks he cannot.

Lets hope for the best and a very best of luck for all your future endeavours and may you be able to connect your dots very very soon.
- Team Nyx.

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