Monday, September 7, 2009

Cynical Gibberish!!

Why do we celebrate birthdays??? Yes, I was born on that date. But does that justify celebrating it? The world is a beautiful place isn’t it? So how can one celebrate when one realizes that his stay here has just been reduced by another year?
Let me place a whole new ideology in front of you.
Really, why do we celebrate? Is it because we realize that we have survived another year in this cut-throat world of competition? Here where survival is synonymous with struggle; we have survived. So, it's time to celebrate? Do we celebrate because we realize that the end of the ordeal has neared by another year?
Or do we celebrate because we have ripened another year. We have lost another year of our youth, most of us achieving next to nothing that we aspired for. And we have come a bit closer to being old. One year closer to our death.
A year has passed by and very few of us can actually claim that they have made the most of it.
If the year gone has been good, we should mourn that the good year has gone. If the passing year has been bad, we should mourn, because good times have not yet come, and the year has passed by, so the coming year also can be bad.
Ask anyone around this question. "Buddy, are you happy?"
"No", he'll reply, he/she is frustrated because of a plethora of reasons.
Even if somebody replies that question in the positive, be sure that he either has a habit of telling everybody that he is happy or the person is simply not willing to admit the truth or maybe just maybe, he is actually telling the truth.
There happens to exist a miniscule percentage of people who actually are happy. And they should celebrate. But not us commoners, people who have not got the better of the passing year. We should all sit and mourn, maybe even make an edifice for every past year, where we can go and mourn from time to time.
Let’s peek into just another day of just another man. He is running, to feed himself and his family. He is braving through the traffic, pollution and dealing with all the mean people of the world. To earn some solace for himself he ends up getting himself into more and more chaos.
What is the root cause of all this misery? It is that day you celebrate. It is that day, when you were brought to this world to struggle, suffer and endure.
Well, even if some philanthropist argues that the world is a beautiful place. It is all dancing and frolic and merrymaking going on all around.
Even then celebrating birthdays does not make sense, as; realize it or not, our stay here has just been cut short by a year.
We have got the concepts all wrong. We should mourn on our birthdays. Yup, we should brood on the truth behind our existence. We should philosophize about the whole chaotic world around us, about the vicious circle of life and death. Birthdays are sad. And they are too precious to be wasted by mindless merrymaking.
So people go out, make processions and arrange mass mourning sessions on your birthday because realize it or not you have just aged by another year.

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